Piano Recital Tuesday, May 23 at 7:00 pm

Presenting Thiago Nascimento in Recital
Tuesday, May 23 at 7:00 pm
Justus Sundermann Gallery
Free parking and admission

Join us for the first public performance on the new Schimmel concert grand piano!


Waltz, Op. 64, No. 1 in Db (“Minute”)
Waltz, Op. 34, No.1 in Ab
Etude, Op. 10, No. 3 in E
Etude, Op. 10, No. 1 in C
Etude, Op. 25, No. 1 in Ab
Nocturne, Op. Posth. in c#
Etude, Op. 10, No. 4 in c#
Polonaise, Op. 53, No. 6 in Ab

Improvisation on I’ve Got Rhythm
Improvisation on Summertime
Three Preludes for Solo Piano

Turkish March from Piano Sonata No. 11 in A, K. 331 (paraphrase by Arcadi Volodos)

About the artist:  

Thiago Nascimento is a pianist praised for his innate musicality, impressive technique, and ability to improvise in a variety of styles. Born in Brazil, he was raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. His unique talents span classical piano technique, expressive musicality, “stride” jazz piano, improvisation and composition. In addition, his comedic nature and ability to seamlessly integrate slapstick comedy and combine any melodic fragment into any other piece of music on the spur of the moment (no matter how serious or inappropriate) inevitably brings to mind visions of a young Victor Borge.

Belying his fluency of pianistic gymnastics, which might lead one to believe his first toy as a child was a grand piano, Mr. Nascimento in fact only began teaching himself how to play piano at the age of thirteen and began studying classical piano with a teacher at fifteen, an age when most child prodigies are already entering their mid-life crisis. Nonetheless, after a year of study, he was accepted into Dallas’ Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

He began his college studies at Peabody Conservatory and continued them at Southern Methodist University, where he graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Music degree as a student of Alessio Bax.

Thiago currently works as a professional pianist in the DFW area, equally at home is the realms of classical, jazz, ballet, and musical theater.

Visit Thiago Nascimento on Facebook HERE.

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